ANDERSON  9am-7pm
MILFORD  945am-7pm
MONTGOMERY  1030am-7pm
MADEIRA  11:15am-7pm
MADISON PLACE  1145am-6:45pm
HYDE PARK  1215-7pm
NEWPORT  1pm-5:30pm
COVINGTON 145pm-7pm
OTR & Fransiscan Media 230pm-7pm
CLIFTON  3pm-7pm
MT AIRY  3:45pm-7pm
COLLEGE HILL 4:15pm-7pm
Loveland, Mason, Kenwood, and Norwood will be closed for Winter.

Order eggs and add-ons anytime.  The minimum $15 per order is suspended for Winter.
Wintershares $22.50, same as last year

 Eggs and add-ons are available for weekly delivery, order whenever you want them.

If you have a Wintershare recurring order it will be delivered on the dates shown below:
All drop sites delivered THURSDAYS 
December 12/1 Wintershare box, 12/8 Wintershare box
January  1/5 Wintershare box
February 2/2Wintershare  box
March 3/2Wintershare box
April to be determined

December (and maybe January) Wintershares will contain local apples that are not organic.  Notify me asap if you want us to substitute an organic item of our choice for the apples in your box..  

Wintershares may contain Amish baked goods with animal products or other animal products.
Notify me asap if you would rather receive the vegan Wintershare option instead.

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