What’s in the Box 2017 Archives

Wintershare 3/30/17

Popping Corn (Timothy Martin)
Raw Peanuts  (Paul Martin)
Ramps (sustainable wild harvest,  tops only roots not dug) (Jaybird Farms)
Bread (1lb loaf) (Yoders Bakery)
Cinnamon Roll with walnuts (Yoders Bakery)
Vegetable Soup (Organic Farm at Bear Creek usda certified)
Maple Tree Water or Tomato Juice (Greenfield Farms usda certified)

Wintershare 2/9/17

Wintershare 2/9/17
Raw Milk Cheese (made from 100% Ohio Raw Milk)
Raw Peanuts 
Kennebec Potatoes
Red Chieftain Potatoes
Butternut or Acorn Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Amish Whole Wheat Bread
Amish Sweet Roll

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