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11/16/17 start double orders (two weeks worth of eggs every two weeks for Winter season)
11/16/17 last week of Summer halfshare 

11/3o/17  Wintershare, eggs and add-ons

12/14/17 eggs and add-ons

12/28/17 eggs and add-ons

1/11/18 Wintershare, eggs and add-ons

1/25/18 eggs and add-ons

2/8/18  eggs and add-ons

2/22/18 eggs and add-ons

3/8/18  eggs and add-ons 

3/22/18 Wintershare, eggs and add-ons

4/5/18  eggs and add-ons

4/19/18  eggs and add-ons
April and May may vary

Winter Season Starts Now

ANDERSON  9am-7pm
MILFORD  945am-7pm
MONTGOMERY  1030am-7pm
MADEIRA  11:15am-7pm
MADISON PLACE  1145am-6:45pm
HYDE PARK  1215-7pm
NEWPORT  1pm-5:30pm
COVINGTON 145pm-7pm
OTR & Fransiscan Media 230pm-7pm
CLIFTON  3pm-7pm
MT AIRY  3:45pm-7pm
COLLEGE HILL 4:15pm-7pm
Loveland, Mason, Kenwood, and Norwood will be closed for Winter.

Order eggs and add-ons anytime.  The minimum $15 per order is suspended for Winter.
Wintershares $22.50, same as last year

 Eggs and add-ons are available for weekly delivery, order whenever you want them.

If you have a Wintershare recurring order it will be delivered on the dates shown below:
All drop sites delivered THURSDAYS 
December 12/1 Wintershare box, 12/8 Wintershare box
January  1/5 Wintershare box
February 2/2Wintershare  box
March 3/2Wintershare box
April to be determined

December (and maybe January) Wintershares will contain local apples that are not organic.  Notify me asap if you want us to substitute an organic item of our choice for the apples in your box..  

Wintershares may contain Amish baked goods with animal products or other animal products.
Notify me asap if you would rather receive the vegan Wintershare option instead.

CSA News August 5th

Our Weekly CSA update containing ordering information, new products, and news.
Weekly CSA Update
Place your CSA order for next wee by 11:59 pm Sunday, August 7 using the new webstore, or 8:00amMonday, August 8 using the old system.
CSA News
Farm to Table
This week we are readying Fair Ridge Farm for a wedding party this weekend. We are serving a farm to table meal using this summer’s bounty of produce. Here’s our menu:
Try these recipes out, and maybe even host your own farm to table meal with your CSA produce. Let us know how it goes!

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please or respond to this message.

With our custom ordering system you can decide what you want in your box each week. Or, you can order a full, half, or mini share of in-season produce–farmers’ choice. You can also any products you like in addition to your mini, half, or full share.
You can see what is in the box on our website. We share what is in the mini, half, and full share each week. These past three weeks have been very busy! We don’t have pictures of the box but do list the content of the boxes on the website. Next week we should be back on track with photos of the CSA share contents.
Feel free to send us your photos or to post photos of your CSA shares online. Tag us on Instagram with #fairridgefarms or #fairridgefarmsCSA!
For Sale in the Fair Ridge Farms Webstore
With our custom shares, you can order individual items on their own (minimum order of $15) or in addition to a traditional CSA share.

Our watermelons and cantaloupes are excellent this time of year!
Items for sale include:

  • whole cut chickens–8 pieces
  • Swiss chard
  • okra
  • watermelons
  • sweet corn
  • beets
  • cantaloupe
  • basil
  • full size potatoes
  • heirloom tomatoes
  • jalapeño peppers
  • red, white, and yellow candy onions
  • dill
  • new potatoes
  • heirloom cherry tomatoes
  • green and golden zucchini
  • yellow squash
  • cucumbers
  • pickler cucumbers
  • green bell peppers
  • rhubarb
  • oregano
  • chard
  • white sage

You can also order:

  • Organic soups, salsas, and pasta sauces from the Organic Farm at Bear Creek
  • pastured eggs (half-dozen or dozen)
  • local raw honey
  • local maple syrup and sorghum molasses
  • preserves, and other great items.
Click here to order.
 If you have any questions about the automatic payment system, custom ordering system, or anything else, please email Adam

Handling/Storing produce during wet weather

Hello Locavores,
It has been very wet and is currently raining.
We have no choice sometimes but to pick your produce in the rain, and then pack it and deliver same day.  This makes an extremely perishable product requiring special attention on your end.
Inspect your produce as soon as possible for bad/damaged items.  As the saying goes “one bad apple will ruin the whole barrel”.  We have good quality control but even the best miss some things.
Remove any suspect items (and compost if possible).  Then rinse/wipe any other items that were touching the suspect item so the other items can still be used.
Keep in mind organically grown corn will have worms, melons can have a bad spot (and the rest of the melon be edible), and tomatoes may crack (and need used immediately), etc.
Participating in a CSA means encountering things you do not experience at the grocery store.  Partly because we do not use preservatives as at the store.  Partly because really ripe items may be packed and are very perishable as compared to the “green” unripe items at the store.  Partly because we are growing varieties for nutrition/taste not varieties for store shelf life.  Partly because we do everything manually, not using electronic eye sorting machines, resource intensive hydro-cooling, or extensive packaging as the mega-industrial farms do.  And partly as mentioned, picking/packing/delivering same day in the rain; nothing in the store is picked in the morning and in your hands same day.
Regardless, if you request, we will replace/refund items if you send a picture as well as tell us how you handled the product.
eat fresh eat local eat well

FIELD DAY July 4th

Field Day is July 4th 2015, starting at noon!
We hope you come!!
Field day is a private event for CSA members and their guests.
Please RSVP with how many people you are bringing, by emailing before friday so we can adequately prepare snacks as well as wagons for the wagon ride.
Please no photos without asking.

NOON-2PM Visit Omar’s farm.  This year Omar is growing spring/summer greens, tomatoes, and more.  Guests will also take a horse drawn wagon ride, visit with farm animals, and enjoy a snack.  Adam and Mark will be at Omar’s for at least an hour, answering questions and asking for your input on the CSA.

2PM-4PM Visit Adam’s, Mark’s or Eli’s farms (optional)
Mark started co-ordinating the produce shares spring 2014.  Tell Mark what you want to see in the produce shares, as well as see what he grows for the CSA.
Eli is the largest egg producer, he also raises chicken, beef, and pork.  Eli started harvesting maple syrup for the CSA fall 2010.  Tell Eli what animal products you are interested in, as well as see what he raises for the CSA.
Adam is the founder of Fair Ridge Farms.  He started the CSA in February 2010.  Tell Adam everything you have to share about the CSA, as well see where the CSA started and where mushrooms, herbs, and more are still grown for the CSA.

Omar: 1524 Redkey Rd, Winchester 45697 (B on map)
Mark: 1025 Richardson Rd, Seaman 45679 (C on map)
Adam: 7066 Fair Ridge Rd, Hillsboro 45133 (D on map)
Eli: 2437 Cedar Chapel Rd, Hillsboro 45133 (E on map)

Use the map below for reference, it is orientated to visitors traveling via the Appalachian Hiway (Rt 32)
The shortest way from Cincy to Omar’s is to exit 32 in Sardinia.  If returning from Eli’s, it is about the same distance to return to Cincy via 32 accessed in Peebles.
gps gives longer, more difficult directions
if lost try calling 9374036765

February Farmblog

Hello Good People,
The temperatures will rise above freezing and the snow will melt this week!!  We hope 8)

Meanwhile preparations for summer season are well underway. We should start summer season late April/early May, with strawberries coming in late May and tomatos in June.


IMG_2122[1]  When you refer a new member have them enter your name during sign-up as their referrer and you will receive a $20 referral bonus for each member you refer whom joins!!  When membership reaches 300 members per week we will drop all Farmshare prices $1 each!!!!
We are excited and grateful to grow again this year for the CSA!  In addition to our regular fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, huckleberries, cantaloupe, and watermelon we are also growing ground cherries this year. And should also have a few pears and apples in the boxes again this year.  As always there will plenty of fIMG_2125[1]resh vegetables!!

It wouldn’t work without you!!
in gratitude

Here are some February photos of spinach and onion seedlings as well as tomato transplants started in January for the CSA.



2015 CSA Season Updates


Aloha Good People,
Happy New Year!!  Here are updates for 2015:

  1. All produce is now Organic (2014 was pesticide free).  This has been part of my goal since 2010 when the CSA became a collaboration of other farms on Fair Ridge besides mine.  THANK YOU for making this happen!
  2. Eggs and honey prices are lower.  No items have increased in price for 2015.  In fact, all farmshare prices will drop $1 each when we reach 300 members this year (we had over 200 last year!) You are needed to refer new members!!!
  3. A new “mini” share is available. Full and half shares remain available.
  4. Delivery day is now Thursday until sometime in April when Summer Season schedules resume
  5. The website has been updated and for your convenience all operational CSA information is under the tab “CSA details” (take a few minutes now and review it to avoid problems)
  6. Members are expected to be able to view and make changes in their account, if you need help engaging your account a phone call can be scheduled to assist you.
  7. The 1.5% discount for electronic check payment has been removed.  The discount for paper check payment via the mail remains in effect and is increased to 2%
  8. Order cut-off times have been adjusted and are now even more convenient for you than Green Bean Delivery’s cut-off times.

Schedule changes for Winter Season

Hello Good People,,

 We are switching to Winter Season after this week. If you do not want to participate in the Winter Season, cancel your subscription now (email me to do it).

   Winter Season schedule below:

 11/25 Tuesday members are still on Summer Season,

 11/25 THURSDAY MEMBERS PICK UP TODAY and moving forward (eggs only today for thursday members) pick-up times will be late today

 11/27  no deliveries For rest of 2014, everyone is on Tuesdays

 Fullshares end until Summer, I will switch fullshare members to halfshares


  12/2  complete delivery (halfshares, eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

  12/9  complete delivery (halfshares, eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

  12/16 delivery (eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

  12/23 delivery (eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

  12/30 delivery (eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

2015 we switch to thursdays until Summer Season

   1\8 delivery (eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

    1\15 delivery (Halfshares, DOUBLE EGGS, bakeshares, add-ons)

    1\22 NO DELIVERY

    1\29 (DOUBLE EGGS, bakeshares)


    2/12 delivery (eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

    2/19 delivery (eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

    2/26 delivery (eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

    3\5 delivery (eggs, bakeshares, add-ons)

    The schedule for March will be (eggs, bakeshares, add-ons) every week, halfshares dates will be set after we see what winter was like.  Summer season will prolly start late April.


   DROP POINT CLOSURES (effective 12/2/14) for Winter (affected members can change their drop points):

Modo NKY (Modo Cincy remains open, Covington is closest)

MT. Washington (Anderson is closest)

Clifton, Belsaw (Clifton Glenmary is closest)

Montgomery (Madeira is closest)

Loveland (change to Milford or the new Loveland location)

Additional drop points may be closed by December, pending how many members participate in this Winter Season.

Thanksgiving weekend I will send a more social email with some of the upcoming improvements for the 2015 Summer Season.  As well as the adjusted pick-up times for Winter Season.

Thank you for sharing the Summer Season with us at Fair Ridge Farms!



Merry Autumn Good People,
We’ve passed Fall Equinox and it’s time for Winter preparations. As the current season winds down, we will be transitioning from the Summer CSA to the Winter CSA. The following changes will be made:

THANKSGIVING WEEK: All Cincinnati drop-points will become TUESDAY drop points and pick-up times will be changed (new pick-up times will be posted here on the farmblog later in October)
DROP POINTS CLOSING FOR WINTER thanksgiving week: MODO NKY, ALKERMES, HILLSBORO.  Members’ with funds remaining in their Farm account (after their participation in the CSA ends) will receive their remaining funds in check via USPS.

Fullshares will continue to be delivered until sometime around Thanksgiving. Then, fullshares will cease for winter season and we will only offer halfshares.  Now is a great time to sign up for the BAKESHARE. Now is a good time to place your farm account on hold if you do not plan to continue thru the winter.

Eggs, BAKESHARES, and add-ons will be delivered weekly throughout the winter.  Half-shares will not be delivered weekly, and the frequency of half-shares will vary. Most likely, half-shares will be delivered twice in December, once in January, once in February, and maybe twice in March. Winter shares may contain storage items (potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, onions, etc), fresh greens (weather dependent), and value-added items such as maple syrup, sorghum syrup, fresh stone-ground cornmeal, jams, juices, and more.

fyi probabilities for 2015 are:
1) same day delivery, we will pick in the morning and deliver in the afternoon.
2) a new “mini” share, prolly $12 and organic, and less than half the size of a half-share.  This year’s pesticide-free half-share for $20 and pesticide-free full-share for $30 will probably remain the same tho with more variety in 2015.
3) We will no longer accept credit cards.  Online check payment will still be accepted, tho thru a different processor, namely Dwolla.  As always, you can mail a check via real mail.
4)  “Pay as you Go” will probably be replaced with “Pay by the month”.  #s 3&4 are being made to keep more of your food dollars and our business expenses in the Cincinnati area.


We would like to  hear from you about your CSA experience. Please answer the following survey questions so that we can better serve you and grow together.


  1. Please tell us 1-3 things that make you feel good about participating in the CSA.

  2. Please tell us 1-3 things that could be improved to better your CSA experience.


You can email your response to Or,  you  can real mail your response to Fair Ridge CSA 7066 Fair Ridge Rd., Hillsboro, Ohio 45133.
Thank you for a good season!  It just wouldn’t work without you and others like you, thank you for ensuring  us, your growers on Fair Ridge, a favorable market for the crops.  We grow to please you.

 in the dirt
Adam ps egg dozens and half-dozens increase twenty-five cents effective immediately pps this information is also in the “farmblog” on

BAKESHARE now available

Just in time for Winter and cooler weather!  Bakeshare is now available for order (order via email).  Weekly or bi-weekly delivery available.
(sample full share photo below)
BAKE Share Plan:$15 per delivery  BAKE Halfshare Plan $10 per delivery   z Sample Bakeshare

The Bakeshare is a standalone share (in other words you do not need to receive a produce box  to receive the Bakeshare)  Produce boxes will prolly be once a month or so during winter.

Baked by Emily in her parents’ home, located near Fair Ridge in southern Highland County Ohio.
“We offer a selection of all-natural baked goods that taste wonderful and have ingredients with names you can actually pronounce. We use fresh, 100% Whole Wheat Flour that we grind in our own home, Sucanat (SUgar CAne NATural), real salt, and more.”

BAKE SHARE PLAN (based on a 4 week/delivery rotation)

Week 1*

100% Whole Wheat Bread,** 15 oz

Granola, 1 lb

Mini Applesauce Oatmeal Bread, 6 oz

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1dozen

Week 2*

Multi Seed 100% Whole Wheat Bread,** 15 oz

Granola, 1 lb

Mini Banana Bread, 6oz

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, 1 dozen

Week 3*

100% Whole Wheat Bread,** 15 oz

Granola, 1 lb

Mini Banana Bread, 6 oz

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies, 1dozen

Week 4*

Multi Seed 100% Whole Wheat Bread,** 15 oz

Granola, 1 lb

Mini Applesauce Oatmeal Bread, 6oz

Gingersnap Cookies, 1 dozen

*Unsliced by default, as it will prolong freshness, but upon request we will slice it free of charge (I must be notified at least 3 days before your cut-off date).

**Each week you have the option of substituting regular 100% Whole Wheat Bread for the 15 oz loaf, and/or substituting plain Chocolate Chip Cookies for the cookies (I must be notified at least 3 days before your cut-off date).

BAKE HALF SHARE PLAN  (based on a 4 week/delivery rotation)
(Bold weights are to help distinguish the difference between the Whole and Half Shares)

Week 1**

Applesauce Oatmeal Bread, 6 oz

Granola, 1/2 lb

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1/2 dozen

Week 2**

Multi Seed 100% Whole Wheat Bread*, 15 oz

Granola, 1/2 lb

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, 1/2 dozen

Week 3**

100% Whole Wheat Bread*, 15 oz

Granola, 1/2 lb

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies, 1/2 dozen

Week 4**

Banana Bread, 6 oz

Granola, 1/2 lb

Gingersnap Cookies, 1/2 dozen

*Unsliced by default, as it will prolong freshness, but upon request we will slice it free of charge (I must be notified at least 3 days before your cut-off date).

**Each week you have the option of substituting regular 100% Whole Wheat Bread for the 15 oz loaf, and/or substituting plain Chocolate Chip Cookies for the cookies (I must be notified at least 3 days before your cut-off date).

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